Mountain Pass Canadian Whisky – Distiller’s Select – Batch #1
  • Casks = Ex-bourbon and fresh oak
  • Mash Bill = 59.5% 2-row malt, 7% Kananaskis malt, 3.5% chocolate malt, and 30% corn
  • ABV = 43.6%
  • 1000 bottles made
  • Nose – Cherry, Chocolate
  • Palate – nutty and apple
Mountain Pass Canadian Whisky – Cask Strength – Batch #3

Casks = Fresh Oak
Age = 3 years
100 bottles made.
Mash Bill = 60% Rye and 40% malt barley
ABV = 59%
Nose – cherries, and oak
Palate – dried apricots and custard

Mountain Pass Canadian Whisky – Barrel Select – Batch #2
  • Casks = fresh oak
    Age = 3 years
    Hand-selected by Ryan Engen, Exclusively sold at Wine and Beyond, 294 bottles
    Mash Bill = 60% rye and 40% malt barley
    ABV = 44.7%

Mountain Pass Canadian Whisky – Glacier

Mountain Pass is the whisky of the Canadian North, a taste of our beautiful land. Our whisky pays homage to the North by using glacier water sourced from the Alpine region of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Age = 4 to 6 years
Casks = Ex-Bourbon
Mash Bill = 100% corn
ABV = 40% (80 proof)

Mountain Pass Canadian Whisky – Bonfire

Mountain Pass Bonfire is our premium honey whisky. It is crafted by blending our award winning glacier whisky with locally sourced honey. Perfect for shots, or adding a unique twist to a cocktail.

Age = 4 to 6 years
Casks = Ex-Bourbon
Mash Bill = 100% corn
ABV = 35% (70 proof)

What others are saying

“This is a new, soon-to-be commercially released whisky from Canada. Just as a personal sidenote, I can’t say that the first thing I reach for when reaching for a dram is a Canadian or for that matter, Irish Whiskey. It’s not that I have something against them, I just feel they play the middle a bit too much and I prefer my whiskey to be a touch more challenging. That said, I do love the pot still renditions from Ireland and the heartier whisky’s that are released from up north in Canada, it’s just that I don’t get around to them that often.

When I nosed and tasted Canada’s ‘Mountain Pass’, I was very pleased as this was a whisky with a real spine, especially notable as it comes in at a lower 40% ABV. There’s a touch of roasted nuts, leather and more than a fair share of maple syrup on the nose. The mouthfeel is light to medium bodied and is nicely balanced with a pleasing mid-palate softness. The finish is long, drying and spicy. Just how you would want it to be, setting up for another sip. All in all, anything but a one trick pony.

It was also unforeseen that this profile is produced from a mash bill that is 100% corn. It is a blend of four- to six-year-old whisky aged in ex-bourbon casks. I would have expected another grain (or two) based on its complexity. I’m told that this aims to hit the shelves at about $25.00, and there’s a lot to like about that. All in all, an enjoyable addition to your ‘everyday favorites’ dram list.”

Frank Caiafa
Author of the Waldorf Astoria Bar Book.